Moore Allegations Debunked

Allegations Against Judge Roy Moore Debunked


Allegation — “Roy Moore was banned from the Gadsden mall for propositioning teenage girls.”

— Witnesses Refuting Allegations —

  1. Johnny Adams – Employed 26 yrs. Gadsden Mall, Oper. Mgr 14 yrs. over security – “Never heard of anything about Roy Moore being banned or mention of any other issues concerning him.”
  2. Johnnie V. Sanders – Employee of Gadsden Mall from late 70’s to mid-2000’s for Morrison’s Cafeteria Corp – “I never heard of Roy Moore’s name come in conversation with any such misconduct against women or a supposed banning from the Gadsden Mall.”
  3. Barnes Boyles – Former Manager of the Gadsden Mall – “We did have written reports and things. To my knowledge, he {Moore} was not banned from the mall.”

beverly nelson’s allegations summer 1977

Allegation — “I began work at the resturant when I was 15.”

— Witness Refuting Allegations —

  1. Rhonda Ledbetter – Waitress at Olde Hickory House for 3 years 1977-1979 – “Olde Hickory required employees to be 16 or older. I don’t remember any 15 year olds working there at all.”

Allegation — “Moore came in almost every night. He sat at the counter”

— Witnesses Refuting Allegations —

  1. Renee Schivera – Waitress Summer 1977 – “I don’t remember Roy Moore ever coming into the restaurant.”
  2. Rhonda Ledbetter – Waitress at Olde Hickory House for 3 years 1977-1979 – “I never saw Roy Moore come into the resturant when I worked there. Counter customers were served by bartender, not waitress.”
  3. Johnny Belyeu – “I knew Roy Moore and I was a regular customer at the Olde Hickory House and I never once saw Roy Moore at the restaurant. I never met nor saw Beverly Nelson there either”

Allegation — “My shift ended at 10 pm when the restaurant closed.”

— Witnesses Refuting Allegations —

  1. Rhonda Ledbetter – Waitress at Olde Hickory House for 3 years 1977-1979 – “The earliest it closed was at 11pm and I believe it was midnight. I’m certain about that.”

Allegation — “He offered me a ride home, pulled his car around back of restaurant between dumpsters & building, there were no lights, sexually assaulted me.”

— Witnesses Refuting Allegations —

  1. Rhonda Ledbetter – Waitress at Olde Hickory House for 3 years 1977-1979 – “Lights all around, it wasn’t dark & anyone in the parking lot was visible from the road. Dumpsters were to the side of the building & not in the back. Barely enough room in the back to turn around.”
  2. Renee Schivera – Waitress Summer 1977 – “Dumpster were at side of buildings, not in back, visible from the road.”

Allegation — “Nelson shows yearbook with Roy Moore’s signature.”

— Witnesses Refuting Allegations —

  1. Moore Campaign – Campaign claims signature a forgery. – “Asked for Gloria Allred, Nelson’s attorney, release the yearbook to handwriting specialist to prove if signature is real & they would not.”
  2. Wolf Blitzer, CNN – Questioned Allred: Is signature a forgery? – Allred: “Well, all I’m saying is, we’re not denying, we’re not admitting, we’re not addressing (it).”
  3. Katy Tur – Questioned Allred: Did Beverly see Moore sign yearbook? – Allred: “You know, I don’t – I haven’t asked her if she saw him, but we did describe what happened that evening in question…”

Allegation — “Deborah Gibson: Stated her and Moore dated and kissed when she was 17”

— Witnesses Refuting Allegations —

  1. Activist Mommy – Activist Mommy did the research. – Her social media evidence makes clear that she is a fervent supporter of Jones and Democrats in general, and has even worked for the DNC.
  2. Breitbart – Breitbart: She removes data – She took down her Facebook page showing her fervent support for Doug Jones and Democrats.

Allegation — “Leigh Corfman: She was 14 and Roy Moore made sexual advances towards her”

— Witnesses Refuting Allegations —

  1. – Court documents proof. – “That was proven to be a lie because the day she claimed she met Moore, she was in court because her mother wanted to give custody to her father on account of her bad behavior.”

Allegation — “Gloria Deason: Stated he and Moore dated and kissed and drank wine when she was 18”

— Witnesses Refuting Allegations —

  1. Roy Moore – Moore said he knew Deborah but he never bought anyone wine nor engaged in sexual misconduct.

Allegation — “Tina Johnson: Roy Moore groped me in his office”

— Witnesses Refuting Allegations —

  1. Roy Moore and Court Documents – Court doc show Johnson treated by a psychiatrist when she was approximately 15 years of age. – Moore represented Johnson’s Mother in custody battle against Johnson over her 12 year old son. Mother stated Johnson had a “violent nature”. Johnson lost custody. Moore denies groping.

Allegation — “Faye Gary, Retired Alabama police officer: said she had to protect young women at Gadsden Mall from Roy Moore.”

— Witnesses Refuting Allegations —

  1. One America News – One America News did the research to find these allegations by Faye Gary were false. – “Gary’s brother, Jimmy Wright, was arrested for distributingcontrolled substances in 1981. The prosecutor for the case was none other than Roy Moore.”
  2. Breitbart – Performed Interview with Gary calling Moore racist, etc. – Gary: “I am not sure. That is my feeling.” My Comment: Opinons have no legal clout and the news media should not report opinions.

Washington Post runs all these allegations in their newspaper. Why?

One America News – One America News did research and found Washington Post editor may have had an ax to grind. – Moore ruled against convicted drug dealer Richard Hagedorn, who was brought before Judge Moore over contempt… Richard Hagedorn is the brother of David Hagedorn, a longtime editor,” of the Washington Post.