Doug Jones versus Judge Roy Moore Issues Comparison

Doug Jones versus Judge Roy Moore Issues Comparison

Abortion and Planned Parenthood

Doug Jones – For abortion up to the last day of pregnancy. Supports Planned Parenthood.

Roy Moore – Opposed to abortion and Planned Parenthood should not be federally funded.


Doug Jones – Opposed to repeal of Obama Care.

Roy Moore – Obama Care should be completely repealed.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Laws

Doug Jones – In favor.

Roy Moore – Opposed


Same-Sex Marriage

Doug Jones – In Favor

Roy Moore – Opposed. Marriage is between a man and a woman


Gun Control For stronger background

Doug Jones – Checks and “smart” regulations. Virtually all gun control websites use “smart” instead of “gun control” to disguise their stance.

Roy Moore – Strongly supports 2nd Amendment. Against ban on assault weapons.



Doug Jones – Israel Jones calls Joe Biden “the epitome of public service”. One has to assume Jones supports Biden’s disdain for Israel.

Roy Moore – Israel is our most important ally in the Middle East. We should move our US Embassy to Jerusalem.


Education/Common Core In favor of Common Core

Doug Jones –There is a role for Federal Government in Education.

Roy Moore – Common Core should be eliminated. There is no authority under the constitution for the federal government to be involved in education.



Doug Jones – I do not believe in a wall. Does not use term “illegal aliens”, but uses “undocumented immigrants”.

Roy Moore – Must stop the flow of illegal aliens. If the wall is our only option, we should build the wall immediately.



Doug Jones – Taxes Tax increase for rich.

Roy Moore – Tax reductions at all levels. Should implement flat tax or fair tax.




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