Commentaries about the US Senate Race in Alabama. This is about our future, and about our children’s future. Do we want to elect a far left-wing radical to the US Senate (Doug Jones)? Of course not! The following commentaries explain our choice in great detail.

Doug Jones’ Anti-Gun Stance

National Association of Gun Rights Letter

We’ve got limitations on all constitutional amendments
we need to make sure we shore up the [Brady-NICS gun registration scheme].

Doug Jones, Anti-Gun Alabama U.S. Senate Candidate


Dear Voter,

As you read this, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein and the rest of the radical Capitol Hill gun grabbers are ready to break out the champagne.

The way they see it, Alabama is on the verge of electing Doug Jones — a former Clinton appointee and full-fledged supporter of gun control — to the U.S. Senate.

And as long as they keep their mouth shut about Jones for a few more days, they hope they’ll be able to pull one over on Alabama voters like you.

Unfortunately for them, their candidate Doug Jones, spilled his outrageous anti-gun views all over MSNBC.

In his own words, Doug Jones said:

“We’ve got limitations on all constitutional amendments… we need to make sure we shore up the [Brady-NICS gun registration scheme].” 1

Doug Jones went on to demand federal and state governments waste taxpayer dollars to strip gun rights from more law-abiding Americans without due process.

Imagine, a U.S. Senator from Alabama providing the pivotal vote to Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer against your right to own a firearm or defend your loved ones.

You and I simply cannot let that happen.

Please VOTE AGAINST anti-gunner Doug Jones on December 12.

The stakes for the Second Amendment are too high to hand over Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat to a former Clinton appointee.

Now, maybe Jones actually thinks Alabama voters like you support gun control.

But, I know that’s not true of you.

Doug Jones isn’t being shy about his anti-gun views, and with the balance of the U.S. Senate dangling by a thread, that spells danger for the Second Amendment.

Jones repeated his same anti-gun tirade to a reporter at, making it crystal clear he supports strict limits on your constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms. 2

But I’m afraid it gets worse.

Doug Jones is still refusing to answer his National Association for Gun Rights Official Candidate Survey.

So it begs the question — what other infringements on the Second Amendment does Doug Jones also support?

*** Would Doug Jones vote for the radical Feinstein Gun Ban, which would arbitrarily ban hundreds of types of firearms based solely on cosmetic features?

*** Would Doug Jones vote for radical anti-gun measures like gun registration, sweeping gun bans, and stripping veterans and more Americans of their Second Amendment rights without due process?

If Jones’ anti-gun MSNBC and AL.COM tirades are any indicator, he’ll be a guaranteed vote for gun control.

But wait… there’s EVEN more.

Doug Jones told the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post that BANNING private firearm sales “would be helpful.” 3

After the recent shooting in Texas, where an armed citizen took down a killer on a rampage, saving countless lives Doug Jones’ reaction is to bang the drum for MORE gun control.

Please VOTE AGAINST anti-gunner Doug Jones on December 12.

As I said above, the stakes for the Second Amendment are too high to hand over Alabama’s open U.S. Senate seat to a Clinton-appointed lawyer.

Now, the good news is Jones’ opponent, Judge Roy Moore, has a pro-gun record, and is promising to vote 100% in favor of your Second Amendment rights.

But now, with all eyes on Alabama, every radical anti-gunner is smelling blood in the water.

They’re pulling out all the stops to take Alabama as a gun control trophy.

Maryland’s gun-grabbing Senator Chris Van Hollen, chair of the powerful Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, announced “maximum funding” for Doug Jones.

And the New York Times is bragging:

“When it comes to Mr. Jones . . . has benefited for months from an unheralded campaign by Democrats in Washington to direct money to his campaign, fueling his strong advantage on television. Mr. Jones has aired nearly $2 million in commercials.” 4

Anti-gun zealots like Rachel Maddow at MSNBC, the Huffington Post, and the Daily Kos are “all in” to secure Alabama’s Senate Seat for a gun grabber.

Ex-Vice President Joe Biden, who led President Obama’s gun control push, is also out with Jones on the campaign trail.

Believe me, these forces aren’t descending on Alabama by coincidence.

They already know Doug Jones has a LONG history as a liberal political activist.

In fact, Doug Jones personally oversaw Joe Biden’s campaign for President in Alabama in 1988! 5

That’s right, not only is Jones a Bill Clinton-appointed attorney, he’s been backing gun grabbers for thirty years.

And that’s why it’s imperative you take action.

Please VOTE AGAINST anti-gunner Doug Jones on December 12.

The stakes for the Second Amendment are too high to hand over Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat to a Leftist gun grabber like Doug Jones.

So please, take a moment to re-read this email, and share it with your friends and family.

If you have any doubt, look up Doug Jones’ anti-gun record yourself, because his Constitution-busting vision for Alabama is so dangerous for all the rights we as Americans hold dear.

Most importantly, in your upcoming Special Election for U.S. Senate, please vote to DEFEAT anti-gun Democrat Doug Jones.

Thank you in advance for taking action at the polls.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights PAC

P.S. Former Clinton appointee and U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones is OPENLY parading his anti-gun vision for Alabama.

Not only is he taking money from gun grabbers, he’s trotting out ex-Vice President Joe Biden to back him and bragging to the liberal media about limiting the Bill of Rights and expanding the Brady-NICS gun registration scheme.

Please VOTE AGAINST anti-gunner Doug Jones on December 12.

Attorney Myron Allenstein Testimonial for Roy Moore

Roy Moore

I have known Roy Moore for almost 40 years.  We are close friends.  I am close friends with his family.  I was present at the Bible study when he met his wife.  I first met Roy when he was the Assistant District Attorney.  I was very impressed with his skills in communicating with juries.  Roy was a very successful and well respected Assistant District Attorney.

After Roy was Assistant District Attorney, he had an office in my office at 141 S. 9thSt.  We tried several civil trials together.

The current allegations against Roy Moore are not consistent with the Roy Moore I have known for 40 years.  In our 40 years of friendship, I have never heard the rumors and accusations which are now being spread.

Roy Moore has lived a life of public service:

West Point graduate

Viet Nam veteran

Assistant District Attorney

Circuit Judge

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice.

In my opinion Roy Moore should not have been removed from the Alabama Supreme Court.  I wrote several letters in his defense, including the following:

“The purpose of the State Judicial Commission is to protect the public against corruption and criminal activity by Judges. The State Judicial Commission should have no political agenda.

Has Chief Justice Moore been charged because of the 10 Commandment controversy and because he was reelected Chief Justice after removal from office?

Chief Justice Roy Moore issued an administrative order on Jan. 6th, 2016, based on the Sanctity of Marriage Amendment of the Alabama Constitution, which provides that a marriage is between a man and a woman, urging Probate Judges to follow the Alabama Constitution pending a further decision from the Alabama Supreme Court. Most Probate Judges in Alabama do not have legal training.

The administrative order by Justice Moore was issued after the U. S. Supreme Court issued a 5-4 decision holding that marriage laws in the states of the 6th Circuit were unconstitutional and same sex couples in those states had a Constitutional right to marriage.

Chief Justice Roy Moore has not violated any order or done anything wrong. Justice Moore urged compliance with the Alabama Constitution until a final decision from the Alabama Supreme Court was issued.

Chief Justice Moore has strong religious convictions that same sex unions are contrary to Scripture.  However he has not acted on those convictions in disobeying any court order.  All charges should be dismissed and Chief Justice Moore should be reinstated as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, a position to which he has been twice elected.”


Roy Moore has become a “folk hero” in Alabama, known and respected throughout America for his stand for the U. S. Constitution, the Bible and his Christian faith. It is sad that his excellent reputation has been diminished by current serious allegations of “long ago”.  I am saddened by the public ridicule Roy Moore faces from the national media.  I respect Roy Moore.  I will vote for Roy Moore.  I encouraged Roy Moore to run for the U. S. Senate.  Roy Moore will be a fair and just Senator and will not be influenced by special interests.


Myron Allenstein


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Ann Coulter defends Judge Roy Moore

The media throw the dating claims in with the molestation claims so they can keep howling about “multiple accusers.” In fact, only two women are alleging anything that, if true, would merit national attention.

TV anchors think it’s very clever of them to ask anyone who isn’t bowled over by the claims of Moore’s (two) accusers: So you’re calling the women “liars”?

“…it’s just weeks before the election and that’s the media’s favorite time to produce wild accusations against Republicans.” — Ann Coulter


Moore and the yearbook


Many women have now come forward with allegations that Roy Moore harassed, fondled, or otherwise solicited them, the two most serious coming from women who claimed they were 14 and 16 at the time. Moore has consistently denied wrongdoing. His claims have been supported by other Alabamans who have known him for years.  So where does the truth lie?  See the Truth


December 3, 2017
An open letter to my high school classmates.


There are times in life when we are compelled to defend someone that they think has been maligned unjustly. Roy Moore may have become the victim of slander and thus cannot defend himself. This is an instance where we must stand up to the bully and dare defend what is right and what we feel is true. Honor demands no less of us. We know Roy Moore! We have known him personally for over fifty-five years. He was a fine, brilliant and honorable classmate. He is our friend. He has given us reason to respect him and to admire him.

Would others like to know what we know?

He worked in our lunch room to earn his meals. In high school, Roy was economically disadvantaged. We saw when he wrapped a cookie from his lunch in a napkin to take home to his younger brother. As a family, whom he helped support, they had little of what most of us took for granted.

None the less, Roy studied harder than most. We watched as his grades honored him to become our undisputed class valedictorian.

He was brilliant, humble, and yet kind to all of us. He would protect you against bullies if the roll was reversed and attacks were made against you. Roy appears to be a victim of slander.

His character caused our entire student body to elect Roy Moore as our Student Council President.

He served us well then, and I reason that he continues to honor us today. This is the constant Roy Moore we have grown to know.

Later, he was the only one of us accepted to the U.S. Military Academy.

He graduated West Point in 1969. As an Army officer he served as a company commander in the Vietnam War. Many of us were scared to face the military draft; he volunteered to lead and to put our country’s safety ahead of his own.

As a veteran, we saw his service then … and we know Roy now.

We witnessed him graduate the University of Alabama’s law school. He served honorably in Etowah County’s District Attorney’s office from 1977 to 1982. He became a local attorney. Some of us trusted him with confidential legal matters. He represented and defended us in court. In 1992, Roy Moore served as our Circuit Court Judge. His incorruptible fairness and honor was so pronounced, that he was elected Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2000. Thus our small town classmate became nationally known to others, in the way we had come to know him.

Roy made us proud because his roots were our roots, representing our high school class, our City of Attalla and our Etowah County.

We are not surprised now at the political bullying and slander used to attack this honorable, decent classmate! But the attacks have degraded to a despicable level. From 40 years ago, allegations are now being made. Why now? Why do they wait 40 years?

Suddenly when Roy runs for the senate newfangled charges are raised? Really? Who believes this?
These are charges against which no one can defend. We may know some of his accusers – and they
don’t prove credible after all this time. After a lifetime of service to us, who could have just cause to
dishonor such a man?

Anyone who criticizes Roy Moore’s character in this disgraceful way would seem to be lying … either for political reasons, for monetary gain, or sadly for personal attention.

Attacking Roy Moore insults my student class, my hometown city of Attalla, our beloved State of Alabama, and it demeans many of us who know Roy personally, and have trusted him for over 55 ears.I do not believe them. It seems to me that they should be ashamed of themselves. We know him better than anyone else. What do you think? My opinion is that Roy is innocent of these
allegations.When I was Homecoming Queen, and cheerleader, there were unwanted advances made to toward me by others. However, Roy Moore was always a perfect gentleman to me. He was respectful to everyone and trusted by us all… male and female alike. Roy was NEVER a predator.

As classmates, in your heart, you know you should protect Roy against violence thrown against him. The allegations are not plausible, at this time, nor at any time. We all know Roy Moore!

Please tell everyone you know, to stand against this contemptible political attack which we think is intended to destroy our electoral process. Tell them the truth about what you know. YOU KNOW ROY MOORE!

You may agree. Since you were there, you know my observations to be true!

Senior Class Secretary
Etowah County High School Class of 1965
Now is your time to stand up and speak out!


Army Buddy Knew Moore to Be ‘An Altogether Honorable, Decent, Respectable, and Patriotic Commander and Soldier’

A man who served in Vietnam with Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore said in an editorial published the day after Thanksgiving that he knew Moore to be one of the better men with whom he served.

I served with Roy Moore in Vietnam in 1971-72, where I knew him to be an altogether honorable, decent, respectable, and patriotic commander and soldier,” Staehle wrote. “I have had no contact with him since.

Staehle relates an experience that he says is reflective of Moore’s character. The former Army officer recounted a time when he and Capt. Moore were invited by a third officer to visit an establishment the two men did not know. The establishmnt turned out to be a brothel filled with young Vietnamese girls.

As soon as the pair fully understood where they had been taken, Staehle said that Capt. Moore was alarmed. “We shouldn’t be here. I am leaving,” Staehle says Moore told him.

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Captain Roy Moore

Why Roy Moore Matters

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Why would Christian conservatives in good conscience go to the polls Dec. 12 and vote for Judge Roy Moore, despite the charges of sexual misconduct with teenagers leveled against him?

Answer: That Alabama Senate race could determine whether Roe v. Wade is overturned. The lives of millions of unborn may be the stakes.

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Why Roy Moore Matters

Older Men, Younger Women

Martha McInnnish


Of all the things that have been written about Roy Moore lately, no one, so far as I know, has written from a woman’s point of view.  My husband and I have known Roy Moore for many years and he has always been the same solid citizen that he is today.

This business about dating younger girls: It is not uncommon for younger women to marry older men, and before you can marry any man, older or younger, you have to date him.  For instance I am ten years younger than my husband, and throughout my dating history it was common for me to date older men.  Peter Brimelow, editor of VDARE, is older than his wife Lydia Brimelow, and Roy Moore is older than Kayla Moore.  For that matter, President Trump is 70, and his wife Melania is 47.  And Mary, the mother of Jesus was certainly younger than Joseph. So older men dating younger women has been going on for hundreds of years.  So, what, exactly, is the charge against Mr. Moore here?

I believe Roy Moore dated younger women, but I do not believe the story of the fourteen-year-old girl whose story dates back forty-plus years.  This would be totally out of character for the Roy Moore I know.  Age difference does not make or break a relationship or a marriage. Marriage is hard work and takes the commitment, patience, and forgiveness of both parties.

I will vote for Roy Moore on December 12 because of what he stands for, not because he married a younger woman.  He is a true conservative.  He believes in the standards and enforcement of the law; He is against illegal immigration;   He will support President Trump’s Wall;  He once said “do we really need a wall?” This was not because he is against the wall; but he was saying, if we enforce the immigration laws that are on the books, do we really need a wall.

Since then he has said he would support President Trump in his efforts to build a wall. He is against abortion.  He has a true moral compass and he is solid on his understanding of the importance of following the Constitution.  He can quote the Constitution almost word for word. He follows the Constitution and does not try to provide his own interpretation of it.  An important asset for the judges of our land.  He is a man who stands solidly behind his beliefs; He not only reads and understands God’s laws, but he practices them.  As an imam said recently, “Americans profess God and Christianity but do they stand up for God and their beliefs?”  What politician, other than Roy Moore, has given up a $170,000 a year salary, twice, to stand solid for what he believes in.

I am disgusted with the Washington politicians who have made promise, after promise to the American people, only to get to Washington and suddenly come down with amnesia.  They are not servants of the people who elected them, but they are self-serving, power hungry, individuals who quickly forget what they promised the people back home.

I believe Roy Moore will not forget the people who elect him and that he will represent the people of Alabama with dignity and respect for the law, the constitution, and God’s word.  And he will be unswerving in the face of criticism.  These are all the qualities of a courageous man who truly represents what the people of Alabama want in their next senator.




Accusing Moore’s Accusers

By Hugh Mcinnish

It is important to make clear exactly what, true or false, the accusations are. The accusations first came from four middle-age women who claim that Moore dated them when they were at a tender age.

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Moore Accuser

Pro Forma Republicans vs. Roy Moore

The most interesting question about the Alabama Senate race is why would the REPUBLICAN majority spend $30 million of precious money trying to defeat an established, conservative brand name politician in the state who is likely to mostly vote with the Republicans?

You see the problem with Roy Moore is not his lack of character, but rather, the presence of his character and his demonstrable willingness to do what is called for and what is right.


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Moore Vs. Jones: A Sure Thing or Far Left Dem?

By Donna Garner

None of the allegations against Roy Moore have been proven to be true. The only physical piece of evidence is the supposed inscription written in a girl’s yearbook 40 years ago, but Gloria Allred (the girl’s lawyer) has refused to allow the yearbook to be inspected for forensic evidence (e.g., dating of the ink, handwriting experts, etc.). Allred’s position in itself is suspect.  

Fortunately there are many facts that are known about Doug Jones, Moore’s Democrat opponent.  Nobody has to wonder where Jones stands. He is as far-left as they come. 

For the majority of Americans who elected Donald Trump as our President because of his platform, we certainly do not need any more Democrat Senators elected to hinder Trump’s efforts to Make America Great Again.

Pres. Trump is right to let the people of Alabama make their own decision; and hopefully the voters there will see through the attempts to politically assassinate Roy Moore who, when elected, will be a strong vote for conservatism in the U. S. Senate.


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Chaplain quoted in WashPost: “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness”

I was quoted by AP and the Washington Post,

Here are my full remarks at the press conference, as best I recall them:

“My name is Gordon Klingenschmitt, I’m a former elected official who won my election to the Colorado legislature and served one term.  I also teach Bible and Theology at Colorado Christian University, having earned my PhD in Theology at Regent University.  I also host a national TV show PIJN NEWS, but today I’m not speaking in my capacity as leader of any organization.

“I’m a graduate of the US Air Force Academy, and I say that because Roy Moore is a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point.  He and I have this in common, we both took an honor oath.  I swore to not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.  And Roy Moore took that same oath, and he does not lie.

“Compare that to his accusers.  Beverly Nelson accused Roy Moore but her step-son just came out and said she is lying.  Leigh Corman accused Roy Moore but her mother just came out and said she is lying.  Now I don’t know either of these women, but if the family members who do know them call them liars, and I know Roy Moore keeps his honor oath, then I know who to believe.  So I have a word for these two ladies, and I’ll quote the 10 commandments:

“Thou shalt not bear false witness.”

The Real Scandal in the Alabama Senate Race

Great insight from The American Thinker author Selwyn Duke:

Scandals take many forms. If you could be transported back to antebellum times, for example, would you not find scandalous the desire to perpetuate the legal institution of slavery? This brings us to the Alabama special election to fill Jeff Sessions’ vacant Senate seat

Read the whole article here

Doug Jones: Left Wing Radical who support infanticide, open borders, and higher taxes

I Stand With Roy Moore

Janet Porter pens a great commentary on why she supports Judge Roy Moore.

Regarding his character, she writes:

Godly. Courageous. Unwavering. These are not words typically used to describe members of the United States Senate. Maybe that’s why there’s so much pushback against Judge Roy Moore, a godly, courageous and unwavering man, if ever there were one.

Read the Entire Article Here

Judge Roy Moore

Remove Doubts about Judge Moore

Eric Holmberg removes doubts about the allegations against Judge Moore.

Two illuminating experiences over the past 24 hours have removed my last doubts about the allegations against Alabama Republican Roy Moore. I have grown from being an avid but at the same time cautious supporter—concerned there may be some grain of truth to the accusations—to being confident of his innocence.

See the following link:   Remove Doubts