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FRC ACTION: Doug Jones’ extreme position on late-term abortion is an issue that every Alabama voter needs to be aware of

  • Alabama’s special election for U.S. Senate is Tuesday, December 12th. Human dignity and the right to life are foundational values that Alabama’s next U.S. Senator will have a great impact on. Because of this, candidate Doug Jones’ extreme position on late-term abortion is an issue that every Alabama voter needs to be aware of.

    FRC Action’s Super PAC, Faith Family Freedom Fund, has produced the following ad using the candidate’s own words and we encourage you to watch it and share it with others.

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    The unborn need a voice. Go to the polls Tuesday to stop Doug Jones and his extreme late term abortion agenda.

  • Sincerely,

The FRC Action Team

Doug Jones versus Judge Roy Moore Issues Comparison

Doug Jones versus Judge Roy Moore Issues Comparison

Abortion and Planned Parenthood

Doug Jones – For abortion up to the last day of pregnancy. Supports Planned Parenthood.

Roy Moore – Opposed to abortion and Planned Parenthood should not be federally funded.


Doug Jones – Opposed to repeal of Obama Care.

Roy Moore – Obama Care should be completely repealed.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Laws

Doug Jones – In favor.

Roy Moore – Opposed


Same-Sex Marriage

Doug Jones – In Favor

Roy Moore – Opposed. Marriage is between a man and a woman


Gun Control For stronger background

Doug Jones – Checks and “smart” regulations. Virtually all gun control websites use “smart” instead of “gun control” to disguise their stance.

Roy Moore – Strongly supports 2nd Amendment. Against ban on assault weapons.



Doug Jones – Israel Jones calls Joe Biden “the epitome of public service”. One has to assume Jones supports Biden’s disdain for Israel.

Roy Moore – Israel is our most important ally in the Middle East. We should move our US Embassy to Jerusalem.


Education/Common Core In favor of Common Core

Doug Jones –There is a role for Federal Government in Education.

Roy Moore – Common Core should be eliminated. There is no authority under the constitution for the federal government to be involved in education.



Doug Jones – I do not believe in a wall. Does not use term “illegal aliens”, but uses “undocumented immigrants”.

Roy Moore – Must stop the flow of illegal aliens. If the wall is our only option, we should build the wall immediately.



Doug Jones – Taxes Tax increase for rich.

Roy Moore – Tax reductions at all levels. Should implement flat tax or fair tax.






Doug Jones tackles gun rights, abortion and health care in national interview

Former VP Joe Biden speaks at Doug Jones campaign rally in Birmingham

Joe Biden Stabs a Finger at Israel

Doug Jones Interview



Doug Jones Connected to Far Left Socialist Protest Groups

ActBlue Raises $380,000 for Doug Jones Campaign
By Danny Hubbard

I read an article in the Anniston Star newspaper dated October 23, 2017 about Doug Jones receiving donations through ActBlue. I have done research on ActBlue and it is not pretty. ActBlue and all of the organizations below are funded by George Soros. (Links to the sources are in blue).

  • ActBlue donates $380,000 to the Doug Jones Campaign.
  • There is also a connection of Indivisible to Organizing for Action, which is Obama’s organization that was originally called Organizing for America.
  • There is still another connection of Indivisible and that is to the Democracy Alliance.
    • “Leaders of Indivisible will make presentations … to the Democracy Alliance.”
    • “The alliance, aligned with billionaire financier George Soros”.
    • “Levin said the group has received more than 10,000 donations totaling more than $500,000 since last January through ActBlue, a fundraising engine for liberal candidates
      and causes.”
    • “The alliance, formed in 2005, has close ties to some of the biggest names in liberal politics. Soros helped found the group along with Taco Bell heir Rob McKay and other wealthy Democrats. The network does not release the names of its donors, but other contributors identified with the group have included Tom Steyer, a billionaire environmentalist from California who contributed more than $90 million to politically active super PACs in the 2016.election cycle.”
  • No one will think anything about ActBlue, but we need to expose who is behind Doug Jones’ campaign in Alabama and the far left Socialist who they are connected to Doug Jones directly and
    indirectly: George Soros, Indivisible, ActBlue, Democracy Alliance, Organizing for Action, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wallstreet, Campaign Zero, Refuse Fascism, Antifa, MoveOn.org, Open Society Foundation and many many more.



Doug Jones Did Legal work for corrupt Birmingham politician’s foundation

WHNT News 19 has learned that Doug Jones did legal work for a corrupt democratic politician’s foundation — allegedly used as a funnel for bribes — as recently as this year. Our review of Democrat Doug Jones`s Senate ethics disclosure filings found he worked as an attorney for a foundation caught up in a still unfolding criminal investigation.

Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Doug Jones has worked as a U.S. Attorney and has served as a practicing attorney in Birmingham for many years.

His Senate disclosure form lists a number of clients he`s represented.

The list includes the Oliver Robinson Foundation.

Obama Campaigners Rush Over $1 Million in Secretive ‘In-Kind’ Donations to Shell ‘Independent Expenditure’ Group Backing Doug Jones

Two high level former Obama campaign officials orchestrated more than $1.1 million of “in-kind” contributions over a 17 day period in November to an independent expenditure committee with no apparent assets that supports the election of Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama U.S. Senate election, according to Federal Election Commission reports and publicly available documents.

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Obama Meddles in Alabama Senate Race

Alabama Democrat Doug Jones Would Push for Common Core

Alabama Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones says the federal government should set national education standards – such as Common Core – that would enforce states’ accountability for any federal taxpayer education dollars received.

During an interview in July with Alabama Political Reporter (APR), Jones was a asked:

Should the federal government be ordering the states to adopt national education standards, such as No Child Left Behind, Common Core, or Every Student Succeeds Act or should the states be given the freedom to run their own education systems without Federal interference?

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Moore Campaign Slams Jones for Having “Mexico First” Agenda

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

“Tuesday, the Roy Moore campaign attacked Doug Jones for what they called his “Mexico First” immigration and border control policies.”

Until we gain control of the Southern Border, American lives are in danger,” Judge Roy Moore said in a statement. “Our borders can and should be secured immediately by deploying the military to aid the Border Patrol until the border wall is completed as a longer-term solution.

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Judge Roy Moore

George Soros Candidate Doug Jones Plans to Transform Alabama, Create a “New South”

Marxist Tim Kaine is out stumping for Doug Jones. Jones is also a close friend of the far-left Uncle Joe Biden. Alabama is a red state that could soon be in the hands of a far-left Democrat. They could see foreigners flooding into the state, education transformed, abortion rights extended, statues torn down, and extreme LGBTQ rights at the expense of others. To say nothing of soft on crime policies if they go down the road of electing Doug Jones and if Jones’ promises come to fruition.

That’s not an exaggeration – it’s Jones’ platform. He is also tied to extremist groups funded by George Soros.

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Doug Jones: A George Soros Liberal

Doug Jones with Hillary Clinton

Doug Jones Mails Racist Flyer

Do you want to elect a racist for U.S. Senate?

With less than a week until Election Day, Alabama Democrat Senate candidate Doug Jones has angered black voters by attacking Republican opponent Roy Moore with a flyer some critics are calling a racist advertisement.


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