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Frank Luntz Shocked As Alabamians Back Roy Moore in Focus Group

Frank Luntz, a GOP establishment messaging consultant, was visibly flabbergasted as every single one of his focus group participants in a Birmingham area Vice News-produced panel backed Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate.

Titled “Why These Alabama Voters Are Sticking By Roy Moore,” Luntz’s Vice News focus group aired on Vice News Tonight on Dec. 8 on HBO.

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Frank Luntz Focus Group

President Trump Says ‘Get Out and Vote for Roy Moore’

President Donald Trump doubled down on his support for embattled Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore at a Florida rally Friday night, telling supporters to “get out and vote for Roy Moore.”

“We cannot afford … to lose a seat in the very, very close United States Senate,” Trump said. “We need somebody in that Senate seat who will vote for our ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda … So get out and vote for Roy Moore. Do it. Do it.”

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Trump Endorses Judge Roy Moore

Roy Moore, Steve Bannon rally ahead of Alabama Senate election despite protests

“I’ve been called out-of-touch when I stood for the Constitution … I’ve been called a racist, merely for saying I’d protect our borders and a bigot because I stood for the sanctity of marriage and against same-sex marriage,

…I’ve been called foolish for believing in God. I think they are afraid I will take Alabama values to Washington. I can’t wait.”

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Roy Moore’s lead over Doug Jones increases in new poll

From WAFF: A new Raycom News Network Senate Election poll conducted by Strategy Research finds Republican Roy Moore increasing his lead over Democrat Doug Jones with a week until the special election.

The new poll suggests Moore has regained some support after a dip in a November 21st RNN poll that showed a statistical tie between Moore and Jones.

The new poll shows Roy Moore leading radical Democrat Doug Jones by 7 points as Judge Moore regains his momentum.

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President Trump Endorses Judge Roy Moore


Moore Campaign Momentum “Through the Roof”


Moore Ahead in Two Polls

Polls, polls, and more polls.  Roy Moore suffered some in the polls when his accusers came out of the woodwork, and the MSM supported them with their ridiculous stories.  So, too, did John McCain, Richard Shelby, and Jeff Sessions.  Fortunately, however, the effect of this blitzkrieg seems to have spent much of its energy, and now two current polls show Judge Moore in the lead.

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